Staff Coaches
Parents must have the highest degree of confidence that their children are not only receiving good care and proper instruction but are safe from improper conduct.  Please see the Coaches Requirements page for more information.  Parents are encouraged to contact the skating director before beginning private lessons.  You may use the Private Lesson Request Form.

Leanne Abugov-Schaller - President, White Rose FSC
Coaching since: 1992
Teaches moves, freestyle, and dance
Degree in sports psychology
Professor in Department of Education at York College of Pennsylvania
Highest skating level passed: Novice Free & Gold Dance; Adult gold medalist-Moves
Has taken students to Adult Nationals, Easterns, State Games of America and her students have been medalists at these events
Taken students from No test up through Junior
PSA accreditation, along with CER category A certification
Available for private lessons

Phone - 717-481-7479

Marcie Vucenic - Skating Director, York Ice Arena
Marcie_smallCompetitive skater for 8 years
Passed 2nd Figures Test; Juvenile Freestyle; Intermediate Moves in the Field
Auditioned and selected for ‘Disney on Ice’

Intermediate Silver Medalist - Florida Open
Juvenile Gold and Bronze Medalist - Sun Coast Invitational
Pre-Juvenile Silver Medalist – Florida Open
Full Member PSA Type “B” and ”A” Certification
Registered/Insured Coach; USFSA since 1983
ISI member since 1982 tested up to Delta/Bronze
Silver certified judge for ISI competitions
Phone - 561-267-0158  Email:

Linda Huber
LinExperience as teaching professional in figure skating, assistant coach, head coach, Skating Director and Sport Director. 
Highest skating level passed:  Silver medalist-Moves
3 times Keystone Games Gold Medalist
Head figure skating coach Special Olympics York County
Special Olympics Pennsylvania Figure Skating Sport Director
Venue Director Special Olympics Winter Games PA

Assistant coach World Team USA, Special Olympics, Salzburg, Austria, 1993
Professional skating instructor, Learn to Skate, York City Ice Arena - 15 years
Private figure skating instructor
2001 Head Figure Skating Coach, Mid Atlantic Region, World Team, USA Special Olympics

2009 Head Figure Skating Coach World Team, Team USA, Special Olympics
2009 Ice Skating Institute Bronze Judge
2009 United States Figure Skating/Ethics 101, Sports 101, Rules 101
2011 ISI Silver Judge
Teaching Special Olympics for 33 years
Holds an international certification with SOI to coach
Professional Skaters Association CER category A certification
Phone - 717-252-2939  Email:

Kala Enfield
KalaCoaching since:  2008
Highest skating level passed:  Senior Free Skate & Senior Moves in the Field
Coaching in the Learn-to-Skate program
 and Theater on Ice
Professional Skaters Association CER category B certification
Currently pursuing Occupational Therapy at Penn State and York College of PA
Available for private lessons
Phone - 717-755
-3011  Email:

Cari Bowen
Skating for over 20 years
B.S. in Marketing York College of PA
Coaching in Learn To Skate program
Available for private lessons
Phone -717-659-2449  Email:

Mickayla Eberly
Highest skating tests passed: Senior Moves in the Field, Novice Free Skate

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